GROW at Stoneover Farm…

Ariella Chezar and Max Gill flower workshop

Every year we at Studio Petali try to attend at least one industry workshop. Yes – we do work in fast paced industry, got to stay up to date!

This year Studio Petali was fortunate to attend Ariella Chezar + Max Gill upstate NY workshop. What a dream! Both Ariella and Max are world renowned floral masters and to spend few days learning and designing together was both challenging and humbling.

Eat, Sleep, Create…

As Berkshire air was crisp with chill, Stoneover Farm{venue, where workshop was held} welcomed us with loads {and I mean loads..} of breathtaking dahlias, garden roses, Japanese anemones, exquisite selection of various berries and foliage. What a treat!!

Each morning started with group discussion of challenges of floral business and sharing design experiences. Then Ariella or Max demonstrated creation of an arrangement while walking us through each one of the elements involved, care for specific blooms and importance of placement. Sharing similar design aesthetics both Ariella and Max are inspired by how flowers grow in the nature. Therefore their creations are mindful of color, rich in texture and in single word – beautiful!

Please enjoy stunning images of the workshop experience, our creations and final dinner by Corbin Gurkin.