Spring Seaside wedding arrangement DIY

Spring is officially here in sunny Seaside, Florida! Few more weeks and this little beachside town will be bustling with visitors and families from all over.

This is my favorite time of the year – the quiet before the storm. Starbucks in hand, I wonder the quaint streets and take in the first signs of nature waking up.. the dainty green leaves next to the blushing blooms of Tulip Magnolia.

Seaside Florida spring wedding flower DIY

Last week I did a live Instagram Demo {thank you for all of your kind messages during Live!!} of the spring arrangement with few of my favorite locally sourced ingredients and with a little patience and few of your favorite spring blooms, I am confident you can create a beautiful spring arrangement of your own.

My ingredients were:

{feel free to simplify|substitute for similar blooms}



Tulip Magnolia branches

Spray garden rose

Chinese Fringe flower

Heuchera leaves

Blooming Jasmine vines

Seaside Florida wedding flowers

For those who missed my demo here are few simple steps to follow:

Choose a bowl or shallow container, I prefer to use chicken wire to help secure my stems. You can use floral waterproof tape he help keep chicken wire in place.

Start by placing your blooming branches in the vessel – think of them as inverted tripod – have the branches rest on the edge of the vase and cut ends meet in the center of the bowl. The branches will define the overall shape and scale of the arrangement.

Next, add you base layer to help hide the mechanics and create depth – I opted to use Chinese Fringe flower and my personal favorites -Heuchera leaves.

Add your blooms – remember to layer flowers at different depths for the “fresh from the garden look”.

Add your focal blooms – cluster few together to make a stronger impact..

and finally, finish your arrangement by adding the trailing vines – it will add movement and life to your tablescape.

Spring Seaside wedding flowers DIY
Spring Seaside wedding flowers DIY
Spring Seaside wedding flowers DIY
Spring Seaside wedding flowers DIY
Spring Seaside wedding flowers DIY

I hope you enjoyed our time on Live Instagram and hope to see you again soon,

Xo, Zhenia

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